The modern bathroom has been transformed into a private oasis for relaxation and self-indulgence. With more space it is more multi-functional than before. The right lighting can help you create a calm, comforting atmosphere. Suitable bathroom lighting blends both function and style.  

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the base layer of general lighting that illuminates the overall space in the bathroom. An excellent source for this layer of light is recessed ceiling fixtures and indirect light that bounces off the ceiling or the walls. 

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the light by which you see yourself in order to perform tasks. It’s an important layer for shaving, applying makeup and tooth care. Avoid making the most common mistake of installing recessed lighting fixtures above the mirror. This throws strong light on your forehead and casts shadows below your eyes, nose and chin. This kind of light would make grooming much more difficult. 

Good task lighting includes sconces at the mirror on both sides at eye level, providing lighting at the appropriate level for preparing yourself for the day. By choosing fixtures that blend with the rest of the décor you are adding a layer of decorative lighting as well. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or rustic there are sconces available to suit your style.


Bathroom Lighting

What color temperature

This is also a matter of preference. If you are looking to achieve a light that allows you to see things in its truest color, you should consider a cooler color. Anywhere from Cool White, 4100 Kelvin to Daylight, 6000 Kelvin will achieve that result. If you prefer a warmer light you may want to consider 2700 Kelvin to 3500 Kelvin.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Consider installing an LED system in the space beneath the cabinet and vanity for easier and safer middle of the night trips to the bathroom. An occupancy sensor turns the lights on when you need them and switches them off automatically, saving you energy! 

Shower and Tub

The lighting installed in this area should be bright enough for cleaning, reading bottle labels and shaving. Recessed downlights designed for use in wet locations provide sufficient illumination. To protect your eyes from the glare while lying in the tub, instal shielded fixtures.

Many modern designs add another design element to the room by installing decorative chandeliers over the tub area instead, adding another layer of decorative lighting.

Illuminating Art

To illuminate art hanging in your bathroom, accent lighting will make it look its best. Directional recessed light provides a focused light, highlighting the art and bringing out its magnificence.


Add a romantic vibe by installing dimmers in the master, while simultaneously saving energy. Avoid wasting energy in kids bathroom by installing vacancy sensor switches for when the kids forget to turn the lights off.