Edison bulbs are being used in homes, restaurants and bars to add an elegant layer of ambient lighting. They double as beautiful décor and add a sense of style in any setting. They provide a beautiful restoration of early 19th century lighting by producing a beautiful warm light with an orange hue. Both the traditional incandescent and modern energy efficient LED styles are very popular among professionals and home owners alike. Consider switching your traditional light bulbs to these unique Edison bulbs for a stunning effect.

Edison Bulbs in your Dining Room

Wouldn’t it be nice if your lighting added another layer of design to your dining room? Replace the traditional light bulbs in your chandelier for a unique retro inspired look and feel. Your guests will be wowed by the beautiful tone it sets in the room and your food will be displayed under a warm glow. What could be better than that?


Edison Lighting Chandelier

In the Kitchen

These beautiful vintage fixtures paired with an Edison bulb add a beautiful unique look over your kitchen island or table. Nothing says homey more than eating your breakfast under a beautiful warm orange light. Enjoy your cup of morning Joe and take in the serenity imbued by this warm lighting.


Edison Lighting Kitchen

Edison Light Bulbs In Restaurants & Bars

Aside for capturing their customers with amazingly delicious foods, restaurants and bar owners spend a lot of time and thought into creating the perfect lighting to set the proper mood and tone. It’s no wonder many of them have turned to Edison light bulbs to create the perfect illumination. Patrons instantly feel warm and comfortable while having the proper amount of light to see each other and the food in front of them.

Edison Lighting Restaurant